I really enjoyed reading this article Ricardo. I found it much more appealing than the first one. I faced the challenge of finding a concept for talent a few years ago and I took the same approach that you did for grasping the concept of intelligence (here it is my piece: http://www.injuve.es/sites/default/files/2018/41/publicaciones/1.-_movilidad_del_telento_en_espana.pdf).

Recently I had an experience about one of the topics that you mention: How to raise the level of consciousness of individuals in an organization?. It would be great sharing my views with you if we have the chance. Keep writing, I will keep reading :)

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Amazing article Ricardo. If you want to continue your research in the concept of intelligence from the perspective of a neuroscientist I recommend you the book "On intelligence" from Jeff Hawkins.

Regarding team organization, why do you think companies focus on balancing everybody strengths and weaknesses so everyone "does the same" instead of promoting each person unique set of personality and skills?

Ray Dalio talks about this in his book "Principles" and it was eye opening. As part of the hiring process, every candidate fills out a personality test without any bias towards extroversion or any other trait, it just depends on the team and the role. Besides, every employee has a public profile where everybody can get to know more about the personality of that person, with no room for judgment.

I look forward to reading more about your progress.


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